Thursday, January 5, 2012

First day with My Precious

Ah, my precious. I have been trained, I have been stabbed, and now I can tell you at any given time what's going on with my blood sugar. I can be cool and post pictures of my Dexcom. (But I won't, not just yet). (I can't find my camera, and I'm lazy).

I went low that afternoon. My Precious buzzed and booped. Ooh, the first buzz. What does it mean. Under 80! Meter says no. Under 55! DEXCOM NO-LIKEY UNDER 55! Meter said 68, so I treated. I kind of love peppermint bark, btw.

Then I had a lovely dinner and watched my sugars climb. It almost hit that high threshold, but not quite. I was fascinated, and I think I am easily amused. However, going to bed at 175, I decided to take a half unit of insulin. My correction value has been changing, and I decided that half would probably get me to around 140-120, which is all well and good. (Sometimes 1 unit drops me 80, sometimes 50. Consistency, thy name isn't diabetes.)

ALL NIGHT LONG. (Cue the Lionel Richie soundtrack).
Buzz. Buzz. BUZZ. LOW!!! UNDER 80!!! LOW!! UNDER 80!!! 3 times it did this, and I checked my meter. 97. 102. 96. Please be quiet, my precious. I'm fine. I'm sleeping.

LOW!!! UNDER 55!!!! At that point, I just grabbed a candy and popped it, figuring I probably was low, and maybe it would make precious be quiet. LOW! UNDER 80!

My husband "Did something beep? What's going on?"

Sorry, babe. Diabetes apparently is a loud disease.

And on it went, until I was coherent enough in the morning to change the low alert from 80 to 70.

I have been longing to know what my blood sugars do during the night. Spot checking isn't really helpful. Why would I go to bed at 90 and wake up at 140? When did that rise happen? Right in the morning, or have I been rollercoasting all night? Going to bed at 160? Waking at 160? Did I really do NOTHING at night? So I was longing for that lovely graph, that lovely telling of what my body was going through while I was unconscious. Apparently, I have to be conscious to see it. It stayed pretty low. And it did start to rise around 7:30 in the a.m. So that's good to know.

It seems to be more accurate if I'm above 100. Otherwise, my precious runs a little lower than the meter. It's in my abdomen right now. I will try my arm as the next site, see how that goes.

And despite the buzzing, I love it. I love it very much.

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