Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insurance Makes Me Laugh (it's either that or cry)

It's time to renew my 3 month supply of Novolog. Every time this happens, my insurance wants to remind me that Humalog is cheaper. Did you hear me, patient x? CHEAPER!!

(Also, they keep sending me letters telling me to check my A1C. I think the fact that they've paid for most all of my A1C's should stop these letters. It doesn't.)

So, today I got a letter about the relative cheapness of Humalog. And a friendly little lecture about why most patients choose the lower cost option. Smart patients. Financially savvy patients. Patients who care about their health and their pocketbook.


(Click to embiggen.)

I guess 0% of their patients are smart and savvy. I could be the first.


  1. I bet a newspaper would have great fun with that letter.

  2. Ha! You should circle that and send it back to them.

  3. my hubby is on Humalog, but as of the 1st of January CVS/Caremark, says he has to change to Novalog or we pay out of pocket. The REASON, it is cheaper. So when reading your comments I wonder where do these people come up with their numbers. We have been faithful getting a bit extra each time so that if we are unable to get his insulin, a flood, tornado, nuclear war, we would have enough, now we have this months worth set back we have to use it up to get the new and cheaper Novalog. Some days I think there is a evil gremlin who thinks this stuff up to watch us twist in the wind. I know we could trade, hubby could keep his Humalog and you can keep the Novalog. Buni

  4. That is funny, Buni. I wonder which one is cheaper to make, or if they're about the same.

  5. This is worthy of Jay Leno. Totally.