Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Diaversary To Me!

It's been 3 years. I'm still cheating death. Good for me.

I went into the doctor because I felt like total crap, and could not get a teaspoon of saliva to save my life. The thirst was unbelievable, my vision was wonky, and the weight was melting off. I was pretty sure what I was going to hear, but still....*maybe* it was something else....something Google didn't know about.

(Googling frequent thirst doesn't come up with a whole lot of options besides flashing neon DIABETES signs.)

It was a doctor I hadn't been to before, I was still fairly new to this area and I didn't like the one visit to an internist I'd been to. So I literally picked the closest one with my insurance and made an appointment. I weighed in, gave a urine sample, and waited.

The nurse walks into the doctor's office, and I hear the words "spilling sugar and ketones". That didn't mean a whole lot to me then, but the doctor's reaction was not good. There was sighing and I swear I heard grimacing. One CAN hear a facial expression from the next room, if one is careful enough.

And so, after the initial world tilting words of "You're diabetic, by the way. Type 1. No question." Then he began the litany of "leading cause of blindness, highest rate of kidney failure, and I'm sure you can live a long and healthy life."

He actually was a nice doctor, he just didn't deliver news well. He retired shortly thereafter, and I am very happy with my new medical team.

So the next day I was hospitalized, and as the insulin drip started, and the lab tests came back, and I met the endocrinologist, I was just so happy that I would start feeling better, and the first night there, I didn't have to get up to pee 8 times. I didn't have to get up to pee at all. It was awesome.

I had no idea how different my life would be. But I do remember staring at the TV at an ad for new mint M&M's, and I wondered if I would ever eat one. Tears may have been involved.

So last week as I thought about this anniversary, I thought, "I'm going to go get those M&M's, and I'm going to bolus for them, and love every minute."

Turns out, they don't make them anymore, they weren't a hit. I guess my prediction of "never eating one" was accurate after all.

It's OK. They make other M&M's.


  1. Happy Diavesary! And yes, there are plenty of M+M's out there. :)


  2. You are inspiring. We found mint M&Ms here last month ... maybe holiday food? If I see any, I will mail them to you. Happy Diaversary!

  3. I just bought mint m&ms at target...they were by themselves with raspberry ones, like a "special" area, not by the normal, common, serf-type m&ms.