Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Done With This Disease Now

OK, then, I think I need more short-acting insulin in the morning and less of it at night. Is this possible, or am I just crazy?

I mean, really, eating the same things and taking the same dosage sends me higher in the morning and lower at night. I did the experiment. Is it due to exercise? My pancreas still working a little, but it only wakes up around noon?

This is a weird disease. I'm tired of it. I think I will go get cured now. Thank you.


  1. Yes, and as soon as you figure out some kind of pattern, activities change or you catch a cold, or you have PMS, and on and on and on. Exercise does play a role in insulin need. Do you exercise in the late afternoon, or are you more active then? The effects of exercise last up to five hours for me. I'm sorry things look a little bleak right now. I am cheering for you! And let me know if you find a place to go get cured :) The world needs a cure!

  2. I exercise in the morning, approx. 2 hours after breakfast, so I check my sugars and it counts as a post meal reading and a pre exercise reading. Sometimes it's really high, sometimes completely normal. It's awesome. (not)

    But I don't exercise every day, it's every other, and I swear I still need less at night. Maybe it's just normal activites (cleaning, running errands, etc.) that sort of count as exercise and still lower things...?

    I am SOO getting cured. I'll let you know when and where.