Monday, April 6, 2009

Your feet are numb - Did you know?

I got tested today to see if I am a candidate for this study. They took lots of blood, and it was really fun. Not fun. But anyway. I really want in, though. They are seeing some very exciting results.

As part of the exam, the doc examined my feet. He put something that vibrates on my foot and had me tell him when it stopped buzzing.

And behold! It was still buzzing after I said it stopped. And thus it turns out I have lost some feeling in my feet. Not much, and apparently, it's very common, even in new diagnosis patients, but still. I thought my feet were fine! Really, I did! It's very disconcerting to be told that you have nerve damage when you didn't have a clue.

And of course, I was told "control your sugars to prevent making it worse". But, but....I've BEEN controlling my sugars for as long as I've known. I'm starting to think "control" is just an illusion. I assumed foot problems would be years away.

That's what I get for assuming.

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