Monday, April 20, 2009

Diabetic Flair

What can I say? I just thought those 2 went together.

I have considered stealing Splenda packets from restaurants and adding them to my stash at home. I have justified it in my brain by saying they're there for my use, and just because I'm not using them at the restaurant, per se....Costco coupons cured me of this, for now.

Reminding me of the time the Mcdonald's guy gave me the dirtiest look as I shot up in the drive-thru with my 5 year old in the back seat. I don't think "diabetes" was his first thought when he saw that needle. He's probably telling everyone about the heroine addict he served and her doomed son.


  1. I got those same looks as I shot my 2 yr old up in the play area! Totally understand.

  2. I love those buttons. I've got to get me some of those. It is amazing how a certain challenge gives someone a whole new perspective of the world. Before diabetes I would have been annoyed with someone eating fruit snacks in a play or a concert. Now I know better.

  3. I love these. I must show my son!

    My son likes to over-exagerate and tease his needle-squeemish friends when he's taking his insulin in public. It's just too fun not to do so! And if his siblings ever showed the tendency to fear needles, they certainly don't any more.