Friday, April 10, 2009

Got The Hospital Bill

$34.00 every time they pricked my finger to check my sugars. THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS!!! Yes, insurance covers it, but still. They pricked a lot. I swear insurance companies make everything more expensive, because there's no way the test strip+5 seconds of nurse time = $34.00. They probably wouldn't have let me fingerstick myself to save money if I'd wanted. But whatever. Who knows what the insurance actually pays, anyway. I swear medical billing is so screwy.

INSURANCE: We'll pay Y. (usually far less than X.)
PROVIDER: OK, then! Great!

I don't know any other industry where somebody says the cost is one thing, they get paid something completely different, and somehow, everybody's OK with this.

Strange, strange, stuff. I suspect this is not my last rant. I'm not even mentioning the resident who billed my insurance for treating my husband. HELLO, WRONG PATIENT. Surprised? Insurance denied the claim. (OK, I guess I just mentioned it).


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  1. When we got the statement of benefits from the last pump I got, it detailed the items for a second pump - for my husband! That was a surprise. It would have been nice to have a second pump, but we didn't have it, and when we tried to clear it up with our insurance company and Medtronic, the insurance company acted like WE had done something fraudulent, and Medtronic acted like we were tattle tells.