Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Drugged - Protege Study

I have sporadic internet access, as I sit here and get blood pulled, and drugs put in, and vital signs taken. I mean, they let me use their internet, but it’s a “pseudo-internet” that blocks all streaming video, which includes Hulu and thus makes it impossible for me to watch continuous Buffy episodes while I wait. Season 3 waits for me at home, and I believe the DVD’s are mocking me from afar.

(They don’t want their employees “wasting time” on Hulu and such. I say it’s a blatant blockage of agency. Empoyees should be allowed to waste time! They should be allowed to get fired! Choice and consequences, baby.)

So, anyway, my morning are spent in the hospital, with my afternoons and evenings free for me to whine at various friends (but I’m TIIRRED) and play “speed Sorry.” (rules invented by moi. It basically includes me moving all the kids pieces super fast so the game goes faster.)
Oh, and a few people have asked, so for the sake of clarification - the placebo in this study is just saline. Since the standard of care for diabetics is self management (in my case, shots), there wouldn’t really be anything else to give me - so it’s either the drug or saline solution. I like to think it’s the drug.

On the plus side, I am now considered “immuno-suppressed”, and with my wacky immune system anyway, I’m sure the swine flu will pass me right on by.

It’s cold here. It’s almost May. Boo.

Thanks for the prayers.

The end.

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  1. Oh and I know you've probably heard about this...but One Touch is hosting a program at this website http://www.diabeteshandprint.com/ where they donate $5 to a diabetes charity if you post a picture on there. I did it, and I think it's definitely worth it!